YI Home - No Records/Pics in Android Galerie


Since May 18, 2021, pictures and videos that have been created in the YI Home app are no longer displayed in the Samsung gallery. The problem seems to have been known here for a long time. When will it be resolved? :cry:

YI-Home App V4.84.3_20210622
Mobile Phone: Samsung Note 8, Android 9

Hey @Junior_Jack We are very close to releasing an update to resolve this completely. At this time, the Album data is stored locally on your phone in an internal directory, but it won’t automatically be moved to the Phone’s photo gallery.

We will be in touch with an update very soon. Thank you for your patience.



Sounds good.
Can you tell me the path where the photos are currently saved locally on the phone?

any news???
Another Month has gone… :frowning:

@Junior_Jack Have you updated your app recently? We rolled back the app to a previous version which resolved the issue.

Can you check to see if your app is the most current version?

Apologies for my delay. Let me know after you test updating your app.


Nothing has improved :frowning:
When i take a snapshot

The picture is only in YOUR Album

Nothing in the ANDROID Album. Same Problem with Videos.

With the new version, even more problems have now arisen.

When I get a motion alarm and click on it, the timeline automatically jumps to the “cloud” memory, but then it doesn’t find anything because I use the SD card to save it. If I then click on it, the connection to the time is gone and I have to search manually.

Sorry guys, but it’s getting worse. The app was really great for years. And now the basic functions have not been available for months and there are always new problems that slowly make the use really annoying. I have asked so often where the photos of the snapshot are saved in the Android directory. Unfortunately you never give an answer!


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Please go to this link to view detailed instructions on how to download clips or screenshots from the app:

Sorry, but there is NO INSTRUCTION how to DOWNLOAD the Pics/Videos from your App to the mobile-phone.

Before that, the snapshots were automatically placed in an Android photo folder. Now I can only look at it in the YI app album, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING !!! Your great instructions stop at this point. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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