Yi Home, maybe 'series 2', constant yellow/dead?

I have 3 YiHome cameras.
2 have been fab over the couple of years that I have them, but one stopped working about a year ago. I was busy, so let #3 ‘non-working’ slide.
Now that we have our raccoon issue back, I need ‘#3 cam’ back !
I’ve used the ‘SDMicro card update to camera’ suggestion, but still solid yellow signal.
Tried paperclip forever, still no satisfaction. I have given it plenty of time to reset - still nothing…
Can anyone please help get me through resetting and getting my old Yi Cam back on my nw? (note: it seems to already be removed from my a/c, since I don’t/can’t see it on my Yi account).
I’d appreciate any help that anyone can give before I totally give up on #3!
THANK YOU for considering any fixes for me!

Hello. If you have attempted multiple resets it may now be best to contact Customer Services


They may be able to provide firmware to help get this camera up and running again. It would certainly need updated firmware if not powered on for a year

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@tmur Once you have a ticket number, let me know, and I can follow-up. Our CS team has been working HARD to make sure everyone is helped quickly. It’s been a big improvement and the CS team are rockstars. Contact our support and they will be sure to get you taken care of.