YI Home failed to gather device information

Trying to set up my Yi Home Camera and it goes through setup fine. Tells me it is paired then in the app it asks me to name the camera and when I click ‘finish’ I get an error stating ‘failed to gather device information’ and I cannot do anything from this point. I’ve reset the camera multiple times and reinstalled the app. Still no different. The camera has the static blue led. I have also checked to make sure the Wi-fi is 2.4ghz.


@Jshodgson I apologize that you are having an issue trying to pair your YI Home camera. To further troubleshoot this matter, please contact our customer support at support@yitechnology.com. Please refer to ticket #443789.

@Patrick I have emailed them twice with no response (other than the automated response telling me they will get back to me in 24 hours)

@Jshodgson customer support will get back to you, but there are delays at the moment. Apologies for the wait.

I purchased this camera on 4th June and have had it in my possession for over 2 weeks and have never been able to use it. I email the support team 6 days ago and still have had no reply. I am tempted to reject it and give in as it is not working and request a refund. I’d rather just get a solution to get it working if we can but I am not prepared to wait such a long time. There’s gotta be something you can do to escalate this for me?

@Jshodgson I’ll make sure we get this sorted out today.

Was this ever sorted? I have the exact same thing. Emailed support but no answer.

Any news how to fix this? I have the exact same problem

I have the same problem now, have sent an email so will see.

Did anyone manage to resolve this?

Having same issue. Was there ever a resolution?

Please share any response to this thread… Just unboxed and tried to set up… exactly the same… Says “Camera is ready to use” but "Failed to gather device information creeps up and cannot finish the setup… Several resets… no luck

So I UPDATED my phone app and it seemed to solve the issue…

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Thanks, Duane! That is a quick fix sometimes. Update the app or uninstall/re-install the app. Keep us posted on your progress and stick around the forum to learn more!

I have the same set up error. What’s the cause of it? I have downloaded the current version of this writing which is 1.9.7 but still can’t use my Yi cameras. Already sent an email but no response yet

I was having this same issue with Yi Iot app and I downlaoded the new Yi Home app and all the cameras I had been trying to set up were right there all set up and ready to go I just needed to plug them back in. I had thought they were going to be useless but once I downloaded the Yi Home app they were all there and ready to go. Even the ones that said they could only pair with a 2.4ghz wifi were connected to my 5ghz wifi so its a VERY quick fix. plus the new app is better and so is the new cloud service.


Thanks for the awesome feedback @gvhanel. We would agree that the new app is much better. Change is hard though and some take longer to get used to than others. Glad to hear you were up and running in a flash!