YI Home Camera won´t record more than 1 day on SD card

Hi Support team
I have multiple camera YI Home 1080p, recording on SD card (512Gb) for history, but it only record and I can retrieve only for one day, after that the recording on sd card won´t be accessible and when retrieving on the app for previous time or day, it show me the actual time. On the computer it says All video in the micro sd card have been played. Could you please help to understand the issue and solve it?

Hello. Did this ever work? And if so how long ago?

Yi recommend max sizes and certain class of SD card https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/235046528-What-type-of-SD-card-do-I-need-

What brand, version and class is your SD card?

Could you possibly try a much smaller capacity and see what happens?

I use the 128gb on about 15 cameras and they all work fine and record over a week on 24/7. Just FYI