YI Home Camera lost after a few minutes: cause?

I have 3 YI different model Home Cameras.

They all run through the same router.

I have 3 computers.

On 2 of them the cameras work AOK.

But after a few minutes up to an hour of working AOK on the 3rd computer, the images from all 3 cameras is lost and the message and code number "the camera connection failed, please reconnect it 3017" appears.

After relogging on, the problem repeats, but only on this computer. The images on the other 2 computers maintain OK.

What could it be?


What platform are the three computers using indicating which is the one where you are receiving the error.

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All 3 computers use Windows 10.

The computer that displays the YI camera pictures correctly is 3 years old.

The 2 computers do that do not display the Yi camera pictures properly are 10 years old.

But until last month they also displayed the Yi camera pictures perfectly.

Have the Yi Company engineers made some unintentional subtle change in their “Yi Home for PC” program?

Is it correctable by them?

Or do I have to buy new computers?

What is the exact defintion of “error 3017”?

Can you take a screenshot of the error on screen please

@Steven_Kami - mate any idea what this Yi error code means?