Yi Home Camera 1 (720p, 22US version) last firmware

I can’t reset my camera even after following all the info in the internet. I saw some users were able to put a firmware in the microSD card and then update the firmware and this way “reseting” the camera.
However, on the YI support page there is not firmware for my camera, only has for Yi Home Camera 2.
This way i would like to know if someone can send me the last firmware for my camera:

  • Yi Home Camera 1
    • 720p
    • US version (more specific 22US).


Please contact Customer Services https://kamihome.com/contact/

Hey @herpez Thanks for reaching out. We definitely recommend contacting out support staff at the link shared or email directly at support@kamihome.com

Once you have at ticket number, please let me know.

Hey @herpez Really, this camera is no longer in production so there hasn’t been any new firmware updates for it. If you are having reset issues, firmware to SD card for reset is not possible as there is no new firmware. You are most likely on the current firmware version.

Are you a cloud subscriber?

Hi, did you ever received the last firmware for your Yi dome camera 720p, I need the same firmware as my camera is stuck on the yellow light whenever I try to reset and its speaker does not says anything at all.