YI Home - Audio mute by default

Hello, I use my Yi camera as a Nanny Cam for my baby. Works well but there’s one annoyance I hope can be corrected/changed.

When viewing a live feed on the Yi Home app, the feed starts with the audio muted. This is fine as I can just unmute the audio and away I go, that is unless the feed buffers or needs to reconnected. When this happens and video feed reconnects, the audio is again muted.

Again, not the end of the world if I’m still awake but if this happens when I am asleep, I will not hear my baby cry. I do use the sound detection alert feature but there’s nothing like the sound of a baby crying to awaken one from a deep sleep.

So I ask, can the audio feed be programmed to last setting instead of reverting back to muted? Or maybe a setting to always enable audio feed?

Thanks for your time and consideration

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Hi @gregoriojoven I think having the option in settings to have audio always on or always off (unless the user overrides this from the toolbar) would be an excellent addition to the app.

Also having the app ‘remember’ the last known state could also be beneficial for your use of the camera.

@Steven_Kami - one time share with the product team for a potential enhancement consideration ?


This would be amazing

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So, I just Googled this and I got here.
Apparently while my wife and I were dead asleep at noon, we didn’t hear our young daughter crying for about 10-15 minutes, just because of this.

You guys are writing here very politely, but I sincerely don’t understand who is the literal GENIUS that thought that:
A) the default sound mode should be OFF;
B) the sound mode reverting to default, are good decisions.
Such bad design/engineering/coding on behalf of Yi’s side.

It’s a 10-seconds fix for a good developer (default sound: ON), and maybe 10-minutes fix for a dedicated sound setting in the menu.
Please work on a fix, guys.

Until this is fixed, I’m advising all my friends who are in the market to avoid Yi home cameras.

@Steven_Kami I heard you’re the guy to talk to.
Sorry if I came in a bit aggressively, but I cannot allow myself to be (somewhat) depended on such a product that functions in such way.


Hey @randomusername Don’t apologize one bit! This is important and it’s important that we hear your feedback.

Yes, the default setting is sound “off” and it sounds like it’s something we need to think about a little more and offer a better experience for our customers.

Being a new parent is HARD enough! The last thing we want to do is add any extra stress to a time that should be enjoyed.

I will pass this on to our developers and see how we can improve.

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Any update on this Steven?

Please can you advise if there is a planned update in the software to fix this issue. Having a monitor/camera with the sound switching to mute automatically, defeats the purpose for me and I now need to investigate different options.

Hey @Sarah if it starts out on mute and you enter your camera settings and turn camera microphone on, it will stay on.

Can you describe when it defaults to mute for you a little bit more?

And, welcome to the community! Glad you stopped by.

Steve - I think Sarah means that when you view live image the default (as with multiple other brands of this type of tech) is muted. The sound will be recorded to the footage but I think she would like the audio enabled without having to touch the speaker icon on the live view.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for the clarification @YorkshireUser!

@Sarah Please know we do our best to accommodate all requests made by our customers. You guys have a the best feedback to give!

We will continue to improve our app over time and make sure this is addressed.

Have a lovely weekend! thanks for coming to the forum.


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What is being requested is that:

A) There be an option to enable the live view audio by default


B) Program the live view screen in a way that once the audio is unmuted, it wont mute if the feed buffers or needs to be refreshed.

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Thanks for the clarification @gregoriojoven

We do our best to accommodate all of our users requests. Please know that we are continually making improvements to the function of the cameras and the app itself.

I hope you’re having a lovely start to the week! I will update the forum when I have more information regarding this request.


@gregoriojoven @YorkshireUser thank you both. This exactly what I meant. It seems quite a few people would like the same feature.

Steve (sorry I can’t tag you as I can only tag 2 people being a new user) Thank you and fingers crossed this is addressed in the next update.

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Hey @Sarah No worries! Thank you so much for contributing to conversations on the forum! I hope you have a great rest of your day

I don’t understand. I also use this application with the yi home camera, to watch my new child, but the sound don’t stay on, it turn off automaticly and I don’t understand why…

Is there is a workaround ?


Yes, this is currently “normal”. If/when your live feed buffers/reconnects, it returns to it’s default audio mute setting.

Unfortunately, there is no work around but we’re hopeful the YI developers will add more control of this sooner than later.

Hello @RD2 @gregoriojoven Thanks for coming to the community to provide us with feedback! It sounds like this is a pretty heavily requested feature for those using Yi Home Camera as a baby monitor. Understandably so. That would frustrate me as well.

I am going to report this to our programming team and if we can make this improvement and a timeline.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! I hope all are having a lovely day.

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OK It will be nice to add this feature, because I can’t use this camera as baby monitor, I have too much small loss connection which are not a big problem, but each time, the sound turn off… :frowning:

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thanks for the info @RD2 I’ll keep all posted to our progress as we continue to improve our app experience. Thanks for coming to the forum!

Could you please add this feature at the top of the to do list… I only have this camera to watch my new born baby :frowning:

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