yi home app on amazon fire hd 8 tablet

hi guys, i just bought a fire hd 8 (10th gen) tablet and installed yi home app from play store. after that i typed my user and password in the app and logged in, it showed my 3 cameras, but when i click on any of them the app just crashes. on my galaxy s9 phone everything is fine.

please help!

Hello @eddie_66, sorry that you’re encountering issues. Currently, the YI Home app is not yet optimized with tablets, Chromebook, or iPads, and Fire Tablets. You might experience some issues with its features or functionality.
For now, we recommend using a mobile or PC device to view and access your camera properly.

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thanks for your reply, i will continue to wait.

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Hello @eddie_66, thank you for understanding and your support. :slightly_smiling_face: appreciate it!