Yi Home App for WINDOWS. Lack of function.

I just want to verify the following in the windows app:

-Cannot hear sound from camera

-Cannot use microphone to talk through the camera

-Cannot change camera settings

is this right? I hope not. These seem like intuitively reasonable functions to have been omitted.

Hey @YiLookforanswer Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. The desktop app is designed to be a slimmed down version of the mobile app. You can hear sound from the camera by selecting the mute on/off button in the cameras live view button right corner. To use the microphone, and change any camera settings, you will need to use the mobile app to do so.

So in the slimed down desktop version, I notice there seems to be no way to access account information. Cannot set a pin for a camera, cannot share or unshare a camera etc. Correct?
Full functionablily on the desktop app seems like it should be available.
Sometimes its more convenient to work from the desktop than a phone.

@zparnell This is correct. There is limited functionality for the desktop/Mac apps. We are incredibly mobile heavy. As we move forward, we will continue to improve both mobile and desktop apps. Our recent priority has been the mobile apps and will transition to the desktop app very soon. We are always trying to be better and thank you for your inquiry. And thank you for participating on the forum. I will share your feedback with our team and there are any updates to share, I will be sure to announce it.

Thanks for the reply. Of course keep working on the mobile app. I use it the most but am glad that work is being done on both. I do use the desktop app also.

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Any updates for the home app? I just purchased camera and work from home from my laptop. When I have deliveries to the front door I would like to be able to communicate via the PC without having to launch the Android phone app.
I would also like to be able to move the gimbal to different parts of the yard because deliveries come to a second door.