Yi Home App connection issues

I have 7 Yi Outdoor Security Cameras, 2 Dome Guard Cameras.
I have the Yi Home app installed on my IPhone 13 Pro Max running IOS 17.3.1
Over the past few days I’m having intermittent issues with trying to access the cameras using the app.
The cameras are all connected to the router and continue to record video.
I’ll get a network timeout sometimes when trying to connect to any of the cameras via the app.
I’ve noticed when I can’t connect that the two modes on the app Home or Away are not selected.

When the app is working the Home mode is Green.
This problem only started about three days ago.

Also, sometimes when the app can’t connect to any of the cameras it sends me the link to pair the cameras.
Well that’s the last thing I really want to do as this requires me retrieving the cameras from tough locations.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Hi, we would like to fix this. As we don’t have your email address, can you please write to us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email.

Hi Sarah

I received an email from Kami Support saying they resolved the problem.

So far the issue has been resolved