YI Home 720p camera reboot loop with SD card inserted

I’ve noticed this issue on all my original YI home 720p cameras. When they are first plugged in (or power is restored after a power cut for example) they will sometimes get stuck in a boot loop until you remove the SD card. It doesn’t happen all the time (probably a bit less than 50% of the time on average) so it isn’t a massive issue but it has caused me problems on a few occasions. I had a power cut for a few minutes while on holiday once and 2 of my cameras didn’t ever come back online and were stuck rebooting every minute. Once you remove the SD card and restart it again they are fine and then you can plug the card back in. Has anyone else experienced this or know of any workarounds?

All the cameras are the original YI home and are on the latest firmware. The SD cards are a mix of different manufacturers and Al 32gb.

Thanks for all the information @March Maybe it isn’t a massive issue but still pretty frustrating.

I ask the community… Any suggestions?

Once you can, try reformatting your SD cards and updating the firmware. Keep us posted.