Yi home 1080p AI+ BFUS firmware

I have the above camera. It is working fine. However, it is currently reporting as having firmware Yi Home app is telling me there is a firmware update available to

When I try to update via the app it shows a message that it is downloading, and the camera announces “downloading firmware”. Then “Upgrading firmware. Please keep the camera plugged in”. Finally the shutter clips a few times while the camera reboots, but upon going back to the app, the firmware is still showing as 8.2?

I’m connected to same wifi network as the camera. I tried formatting the SD so plenty of space. What’s going on?

Can someone tell me the latest firmware for this model, and how I can resolve the issue? Can I download the firmware directly and update via the SD card?


Apologies for any difficulties you experienced. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact.
Thank you.