Yi home 1080p 4 cameras stopped on 31/3/2021

I have 4 cameras to help an 85 year old stroke victim stay safe. They have ALL stopped working on the same date 31/3/2021 at different times. I have 8 other cameras working fine in other places. The WiFi router is working fine. Has anyone else had this happen? What is the fix. Do they update firmware automatically or do you have to manually do this? How if they don’t connect…

Hello. What model of cameras are they and what message do you see on the app?

For al four cameras to go offline at the same time would suggest something associated with all four.

You say that the wifi is working fine but could you reboot the router? Any changes in the physical and technological environment that you could think of.

Router rebooted WiFi works to phone. Strange that they all went off at different times on the same day. They are all re powered.

Could you attempt with one to remove it from the app. Reset it and then add again?

Yes that’s the first step. Just wondering if anything happened to other cameras elsewhere on 31/3/2021. If i can’t pair them after a reset what do i do then…?

Let’s cross that bridge then.

I’m not aware of any issues and nothing reported here. I certainly didn’t experience any issue.

Hey @BPL thanks for coming to the community for more information in regards to your camera setup.

Nothing happened on the 31st of March that would account for any sort of outage of your cameras. that is very strange indeed.
I recommend going into the settings for each camera, then select “Camera Settings” option. In this menu you will see your firmware version. Select this and manually update. If the firmware is already up to date, there will be no download.

After the firmware is updated, remove the cameras from your account. Reset the cameras and walk through the pairing process.

If that doesn’t work, then let us know! :slight_smile: