Yi dome X privacy mode

I just bought the Yi dome x camera, but I don’t see the privacy mode in the settings

Hi @Miguelin96, are you referring to turning the camera off for privacy?
It’s right there on top in settings:

Hope this helps!

yes, thanks

and would it be possible for me to stop recording when I set the home mode?
GPS or similar
Is there a plan for the future?


@Miguelin96 to answer your follow up question, if you are referring to recording to your paid cloud service or microSD card, the answer is no. “The “Home” mode turns off the push notification and in-app alerts. Nevertheless, the cameras will keep recording on the local and/or cloud storage and won’t be interrupted by the Home and Away mode change”. However, switching to “Home” mode will disable the Motion detection function for cameras using Home and Away mode. This will stop the recordings that are sent to Alerts. I’m not sure what you mean by, “GPS or similar. Is there a plan for the future?”