Yi dome guard problems after software update

hello, after updating the software of the yi dome guard camera, the camera stopped responding to the appearance of a person, as it did before the update.
Yi technical support only sent me instructions to factory reset the camera and app settings, but I did it many times and it does not fix the problem, and the support stopped responding to my messages

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Kami Home and we provide 24/7 customer support to our users. We regret that you had an unpleasant experience. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:


For our customers has a yearly cloud subscription , Kami Home also provides free camera replacement - no questions asked.

Не могу нигде найти прошивку для камеры yi dome guard
Если у кого то она есть ,пожалуйста дайте мне её

Hi my name is Neil. I am from Chicago. I have enjoyed the Yi cameras until recently when corporate greed took over this company. Like other users I too can’t watch the free clips promised me when I bought these cameras and hence have become totally useless piece of plastic. Even though the COO-Gaurang, VP of sales-Durrani,and other corporate employees falsely profess how important customer service is in their posts and how great Xiaomi is … they are just gas lighting. Anyone try to connect w Yi customer service? All you get is canned answers and subscriptions forced down your throat. They will do nothing for you. I am on my 10th email to get back the free clips as they used to be. Still getting canned and useless solutions like delete and reinstall app, send us model no, etc etc. … when WE all know this Chinese company changed the policy after selling hard working Americans their products. Want to watch what was going on with your dying father the day of his fall You must pay. Want to check on the reason your sick son got a black eye… you must pay. Even though you were promised free clips before you purchased too bad. To scrupulous upper management… stop taking advantage of Americans . I am surprised that Amazon would allow such a company to sell it’s lies on their site. Guess it’s all about the Yuan with Yi and the dollar with Amazon as it has become apparent neither company will stand by their values or their customers.

The exact same thing happened to me, and after 2 and a half months opening the claim case every three days (because customer service closes the case and classifies it as “resolved” even though it is not true), and after the false promise to replace me my 4 cameras damaged by their failed firmware, they sent me off and stopped responding. They excused themselves in guarantees (even when the fault was theirs and within 2 years), in short, a disaster and a hoax. they are disposable cameras


Yes… their customer service is horrible. And their customer service culture is toxic. Obviously their CEO Sean Da doesn’t care about his customers. I have come across numerous customers who have been disposed of by Sean Da’s company as he is sitting pretty
in his mansion in China not caring about regular Americans who made this company what it is. I informed Amazon and they have opened an investigation about Yi Technology’s shady business practice. I recommend that everyone who has been fleeced by Yi technology call and complain to Amazon and ask Amazon why they would sell a product from a company and CEO that robs people.

La stessa cosa è successa a me.
Dopo il tentativo di aggiornamento firmware la telecamera non va più.
Ho aperto almeno tre reclami, Yi mi risponde assicurandomi la sostituzione della telecamera, segna come risolto il reclamo e poi non si fa più viva.
Direi che per me questa azienda è morta!

****** LISTEN ******* did you update your camera’s firmware, and after you updated it, you discovered complications with viewing your SD card video history…or perhaps other complications that are related to the SD card system not operating anything like how it did prior to you updating the firmware???


Buy the same camera off Amazon, or any where for that matter. Just be sure you are buying a new one (or refurb). Buying a used one (or even possibly a refurb unit) may mean it has also been updated to newer firmware.

So…buy a new camera, it’ll have firmware likely from 2022 and earlier such as 2021. Swap out your camera(s) and send them back to Amazon or wherever you got them from.

DO NOT UPDATE new camera. You do not need to…it is pointless as all the firmware updates from approximately November 2021 and on…all the updates are inching closer and closer to what the manufacturer wants the end result to be (which is likely to not even offer micro SD support as that wipes out cloud subscription).

You are welcome.


After firmware update sd card stopped detection motion, how do I revert the update?