Yi Dome Guard FirmWare

Hi everybody!
I have camera YI Dome Guard.

  1. I found it only on Kami official website:https://kamihome.com/dome-R30
  2. I can’t find the official firmware.
    Please write me where I can find the official firmware of this model?

Hello @Natalie, firmware for this particular model is not yet available. For now, we can forward the firmware request to our engineering team.

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@Kami_Nick Please do it! I really need the files of original firmware!
All camers have it!
I am sure that this also has its own firmware.
Thanks and waiting!

@Natalie thanks for being so active! You’re feedback is greatly appreciated. It’s how we do better!

Bumping this. Others need this too, not just the OP.

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Thanks @spim great feedback. And, welcome to the community!

I’ve pinned this topic globally for the next 4 weeks. Make sure all get a look.

At last! The seller decided to make a replacement!
It was not easy and only because the help of this forum!
Firstly- the seller didn’t answer me at all.
So I opened a dispute on Aliexpress. And they refund only 10USD.
But after conversation in private messages with support team of this forum, they decide to make a replacement (I payed 10USD for new camera)
Its good decision for me! I hope this new camera will work fine :pray:
Thanks everybody for help!
Thanks to this forum!

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@Steven_Kami Thanks for your help!!! And for everything! But we are still waiting for the firmware…

Hey @Natalie! When you’re logged into your app and at the home screen, there is 4 buttons on the menu selection. Home, Alerts, Cloud, & Discover. Please select Discover

If you scroll down, you will see a circular button with a white arrow pointing up. Next to that, it says “update firmware manually”. Select this option.

Then select the green button “Start Now”.

Let me now how it goes! Thanks for your patience.

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Hey @Natalie Here is where you can download all up to date firmware.


If the numbers in your app match the numbers on the site. Then your firmware is up to date.

Dear @Steven_Kami! I visited this site for many times. But there is no my camera model - YI Dome Guard.
If some firmware of another model is suitable for my camera (YI Dome Guard) please name it.

@Natalie Excellent point! Please use the YI 1080P Dome Camera firmware.

@Steven_Kami It seems like it doesn’t see any firmware at all
I tried several times the advised firmware.
Also I tried the file that techsupport have sent to me. Nothing happened at all. I event didn’t notice that it is see the file…
Also when I resert the camera - I have read that the yellow light has been lit. But I only hear “Reset is succesful”. But I didn’t see yellow light at all…

1 At last I understood why I can’t to install the firmware.
Because SD card has to be in FAT32 format, not exFAT32.
Nobody tell me about it for 3 weeks. Why? Wшndows10 proposed only exFAT32 for SD cards. And I thought it was OK. But then I found in the forums SD CARD SHOULD BE ONLY IN FAT32.
Why nobody write mе how to do it?..
2. As I can format SD card correctly now I noticed log files on it. I have send them to techsupport. I hope they received it and it will explain the situation a little.
3. I tried ALL firmwares from the official site. Noone works. Nothing.
So i am asking you again. I really need the firmware of YI Dome Guard. I am sure you have it.
Otherwise how can the camera work?
Please send me the firmware in the form in which you have it


Now is Aug 2021., do you have firmware [Yi Dome Guard] available for download ? . Can the support team share the link.

thank you

i’ve think i found it.


im going to try.