YI Dome Guard bad quality of video and low transfer rate

Hello to all,

I’m using YI home cameras since 2017 and in general, I’m very happy with them, excellent value for the money paid. Recently bought a pack of two YI Dome Guard cameras on Amazon for $66.99 and I must say that YI did disappoint me at this time. First of all LAN port doesn’t work! I did check this community here and read the answer that LAN port is not supported on this camera. My question is: Why did you put a LAN port if you don’t support it!!! This is a false advertisement if you ask me! I bought these cameras because I was thinking that I will get a much better internet connection with a LAN port, but NO! Another disappointment is the video quality, it’s very poor! Transfer rate doesn’t go over 40kb/s while my 3 year old Yi 1080p camera has almost consttant transfer rate of 140kb/s. And both cameras have identitcal performance. Also, when you open the app sometimes takes more then 5 minutes to get conected to the camera, it seems like it’s stuck on loading on 10%, then increases to 30% and then goes back to 10%, goes to 70% and again to 10%, camera is in the same room with the router, it says wifi quality is 70%, no packets lost but obviously there is a issue. I’m very disapointed, really. If anyone has the same issues and was able to resolve it pls let me know.

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Hi @Veli77

Where does it say the RJ45 port isn’t supported?

As far as I know there are 2 models of Dome Guard, YRS3019 (r30gb) and newer model YRS3521 (r35gb). Both should work fine with RJ45 connection. Yi procedure is to pair the camera via Wifi initially then revert to RJ45 connection (see user manual for details).

I have the older r30gb Dome Guard and use wired connection only. From what I’ve seen the r30gb uses HEVC (h.265) video encoding for the main stream while the r35gb uses AVC (h.264). h.265 is much more efficient than h.264 so can use lower bitrate for same quality or higher quality for same bitrate. You shouldn’t judge by xKB/s alone as rates can be made quite low if there is little change in the video. Try making changes to the video by moving the camera around and note the bitrate while this is happening vs being stationary.

As far as i know another difference is the older r30gb doesn’t have the timestamp update enabled while the newer r35gb does.