YI Dome Camera X buffering Alexa

Hello, I have a YI Dome Camera X and when I show the camera at Alexa Echo Show 8 the image after a short time starts to show the message “Making a Buffer” and take a delay of approximately 3~5 minutes. Any idea what I can do?

Hi Christian, I did some investigation and it seems this ‘buffering’ problem with the Echo Show 8 is a widely known issue and is also affecting other camera manufacturers. I can’t find any information about a solution at the moment, but I’ll bring this to the attention of our technical team, and perhaps someone knows of a solution.

I am curious though, does the buffering still happen when you are in SD mode?

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Thank you for your feedback Kami_Mark.

The problem occurs both in Echo Show 5 and 8, and even when the camera is in SD mode. As time passes, the delay increases and then the ‘buffering’ message appears. The message itself presents a bad experience, but it is still tolerable. The real problem is the delay.

I usually use the connected camera to monitor my son who is in the room, but the delay makes the use of the resource unfeasible.

Happy to help! That does sounds frustrating.

On a side note, if you’re working at a computer and haven’t already, I would recommend trying out the desktop App.

I had this issue as well (or should I say I still have this issue) but it is only on 2 out of my 4 cameras. I just now realized that the two cameras it happens with do not have the option to link them to my Alexa Show in the settings. Whereas the two cameras that this does not occur and the feature works fine does have the option listed in the settings. Therefore I am wondering if this is something that could be fixed with a firmware update?

Interesting… Which cameras don’t have that option @CherylBuc?