Yi Dome Camera Can’t Playback

Just bought Yi Dome camera. On the main page of the app where shows the current situation, there is a timeline, I tried to slide the timeline to play previous video, however nothing happened, it jumped to present time. It seems nothing recorded, I checked my setting, I did turn on the setting of record when object moving. My camera did detect objects moving as I receive alerts. I also put Memory card in the camera. Please advice how to let the camera record when objects moving and how to play back to check the recording. Thank you

Hello. Did you format the SD Card when you inserted it into the camera?

yes,I did. I inserted a 16G card. Is it enough storage ?

Yes 16gb should work. Limited on the number of days / footage. What brand and class of card is it?

Hey @yukidl53 Just checking in. How did things go? Were you able to get your playback working?

No, I still didn’t get it work, should I change the SIM card? I just use whatever I have, I’m not sure about the brand.

I format the SD card couple times. But still, there is no orange part showing on the timeline below the video window, what else should I try?

Thanks for the info @yukidl53 I am sorry to hear you’re still having challenges. Can you confirm that your SD card is Class 10, FAT32 formatted?

If this is the specs for your current SD card, we will escalate this issue with our engineering team and move on to the next steps.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure how to tell if it’s a class10 SD card, it only says sandisk ultra 16GB micro SD? Maybe I should try another SD card? Is there any SD card you recommended?

I think trying a different SD card will help us diagnose and move to the next steps.

Here is a list of recommended SD card specs for Yi Cameras.

You will be able to search Class 10, FAT32 formatted SD cards and you will be able to find something compatible.

Thanks for your patience while we troubleshoot. This will definitely help us understand the issue.

How about this one? It says class10, but I don’t know if it’s FAT32

Gigastone 64GB 2-Pack Micro SD Card, Camera Plus, Nintendo-Switch Compatible, High Speed 95MB/s, 4K Video Recording, Micro SDXC UHS-I A1 Class 10 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07NY4L4VZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_WSX0A1JB73WDVF46SGKT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I personally would always recommend a big brand for items like these. Sandisk or Samsung. That is all I use and I have had great service from them. Particularly the Sandisk that is designed for this function.

SanDisk High Endurance microSD card gives you the peace of mind that your dash cam, home monitoring or security system will capture crucial footage when it happens, recording and rerecording worry-free.

Here is a link to the cards I use.

But I have seen another user use the brand you mention.