Yi dome 1080p camera not working just moving back and forth

Hi everyone,

Out of the blue a few months ago (I wasn’t able to access the camera since then) my Yi dome camera stoped working (frankly, I don’t even remember if the software had asked me to remotely do any updates). Now that I have access to the camera I see that every 30 secs it turns 180 deg and back to the original position the light is orange yellow and when it starts going back and forth it is blinking blue.
I tried hard reseting but although it says “reset successful” it never says “Waiting to connect”.
I also tried puting the firmware from the website on an sd but nothing changed when I put it in so I assume nothing happened.
Any Ideas about what the issue might be?
Thank you in advance.

Hey @halher Thanks for coming to the community forum for more info.

Can you update the firmware OTA via the app?

What is the version of your app?

Here are the different indicator light meanings:https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045368593-What-do-the-different-status-lights-indicate-

Contact our support team at www.kamihome.com/contact as well.

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Since Saturday I have an exact same issue with my Yi Dome 1080p camera. Resetting by button does nothing. It just moves back and forth in 30-second intervals, as if it resets itself. I cannot connect it via app now.

If you have followed the troubleshooting tips for pairing issues

And if these have not worked contact Customer Services: http://www.kamihome.com/contact

I did. Nothing worked. I will contact Customer Support, then.

Hey @Farstone Thanks for your patience and understanding. After you’ve contacted our customer support, please send me your ticket number. I will give our support team so background and do whatever I can to get this resolved quickly.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!