Yi dome 1080p app on android no zone settings

I have 2 1080p dome cams. In motion detection settings there is no zone options. Do I need a different version of the app? Want to limit 1 Camera because it picks up motion on the TV. I have reduced motion sensitivity to medium. It also seems to auto rotate to the wall where there is no motion…
Any help is a appreciated… thx. From Todd in. Denver,co

Hello @densvxer, Welcome!
Doesn’t have the option to set an activity detection zone. This is by design.
What I can suggest is to try lowering the video detection sensitivity down to ‘low’. And if available, turn on the Person Detection as well to specify motion captured by the camera.
With regards to the camera rotating to the wall, I would like to know if the wall is painted?

Alvin. Thank you… a bit disappointed that zones are not available to me for inside 1080p dome. Can I reduce rotation at all? Ai seems to like shelf camera is sitting on… useless

My ipcams turned to the wall whenever there is a bootup. Does your ipcam bootup every morning or left on all the time?