Yi dome 1080 restarting frequently

If i turn on motion tracking and motion alerts on my camera, my camera (YI dome 1080) is restarting frequently, and makes video history not fully recording

What should i do to fixed this problem? Could anyone help me?

My internet connection, is excellent based on camera setting information
My SD card also in good condition,

Thank you

Hello Abi, thanks for joining the forum!

Can you please provide a bit more information to help me understand your issue? When you say ‘restarting frequently’ is the camera turning off? Or is there an error message in within the app that you are seeing? If possible can you please upload a screenshot?


Dear kami_mark

Thanks for your response.

What i mean with “restarting frequently” is when my camera is working normally, suddenly my camera is turning off (like losing power) and back turning on again ,and it’s happened frequently, and without any error message in my apps,

and its only happened when i am turning on my camera motion tracking, but if i didn’t, my camera is working normally.

Hey Abi, you’re very welcome! It sounds like it could be a power issue. Can you please try the camera with a different power adapter and cord and let me know if that helps? Thanks!

Hello Kami, I am also encountering the same problem. Actually mine has failed to complete the setup. It simple ends midway and restarts.
Besides using another power adapter, what other solution can you avail because the first one is not working either