Yi delete my sd card recording before I can watch them.

Just as the attached picture says.
Yi forbid me to watch and delete my own sd card recording. The sd card is still functioning.
I can watch the cam LIVE but not past seconds recording.
It happens after I updated Yi Home this sept.

I read reviews of those who subscribed the 7day trial and those who bought the cloud. And the reviews say it all. I wouldn’t want to throw away my money when it’s like that.

Why do you do this?
Please fix it so I can monitor and watch my pets.

I bought these yi cam so many years ago but I might as well sell them and buy my local cctv cam if I cannot use them without being forced to buy kami cloud.


We apologize for this experience. We would need to speak with you to better understand the problem you encountered. Please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact so we can help resolve this issue. Thank you.