Yi dashcam dont work continue past date time config

My yi dashcam is stuck on this date wont go forward

I tried to reset by the pin hole still dont work, i cannot download the firmware as it is not yet available from the website.

Here is my serial

Can anyone give the firmware so i can update it?

Hey @Sniper101, That must be frustrating! Let me help you, "If your camera keeps on asking you to manually input the date and time, you need to reset the camera and delete it to the App. (Please reinstall the YI Dash App)
Once you paired the camera to the YI Dash App, it will automatically sync the date and time on your phone.

Kindly refer to this link on how can you update the firmware manually: https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/230793207-How-to-update-the-firmware-"

I already did the firmware update. But from the list of available firmware, the firmware for CA40A is not yet on the list… i tried to use any firmware available from your website, now my dashcam stuck on logo., can you provide correct firmware for my dashcam? Its getting frustrating as i only bought this last october.

@Sniper101 The CA40A that you purchased is not manufactured by YI Technology. We advise you to contact either the vendor you purchased it from or the manufacturer so that they can redirect you to the appropriate department or support for further assistance. We would love to have you as a customer.


isn’t this yitechnology forum?? because if it is not then i would suggest to change the website address and logos and stuff… as this page is showing yi technology that is why i contact here…

Hey, @Sniper101 Sorry for the confusion. I overlooked the serial code. Please try these steps:

Date and time for dashcam

-Turn on the Wi-Fi on the phone.
-Make sure that you have a dashcam application and the dashcam is paired to the app.
-Connect the Wi-Fi of your mobile device to the dashcam so that it will automatically sync the time and date.


Are you able to fix your dashcam? I also have one of those CA40A version and I cannot find the firmware for this model in Xiaoyi website.