YI camera recording and providing alerts…of nothing

I bought a YI camera online that screws into a lightbulb socket and everything works included the app however motion detection doesn’t seem to capture anything.
I get heaps of alerts and notifications, including on the cloud account but playing them back shows absolutely nothing. It’s like it’s missing, or recording after, the motion event that triggered the recording.

I have latest Firmware and app version.

Would love to solve the issue as everything else is great.

Hello could you please supply the full name of your camera and model number. A photo would help as I am unsure which camera you are using.

I’m not actually sure :slight_smile: I bought it online from an Instagram ad and it came in planish packaging with no model number that I could find in the instructions!
Here’s a picture of the unit though…

And here’s another…

Hey @E3diot This isn’t one of our models unfortunately. Very cool but Yi or Kami does not make a camera that plugs into a light bulb.

What app are you using?

Ahhh. Ok

YI IoT app, as the manual recommended.

I just bought 4 YI Technology Lightbulb Cameras. Unfortunately, I cannot get any of them to connect to the app.

I noticed that this thread is from back in April. Has YIT started supporting them since your post?

I have 2 of them i have lots of problems