YI Camera : Playback (IOS app)

There might be an issue playing back and searching through recording timeline on the iOS app.

I am using iOS and multiple cameras are not playing back recorded footage. Nor can I use the timeline function the swipe doesn’t work.

The live view on all is fine and the alerts are coming through with the free six seconds playing.

I’m using SD cards in all my devices.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue please comment on this thread. Cheers

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I had this issue and had to change to 24hr clock on the phone.

Issue appears to have solved itself for myself.

If you have issues log it to this thread and try @B6637422553 advice re the format of the time. To note my phone was already using 24hour timing but worth a try giving the advice.

Hi I had the similar about 2 weeks ago but on Android. Kept getting it was offline. SD card was saying it was working fine also on 24hr clock. Reformatted the SD card in camera and it came back online but still the issue of no recordings so formatted it again on PC and it started working again.
Could of been like you Yorkshire in that it corrected itself in-between formatting.

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Hello all! If you check your app for a new update. This problem has been resolved. Thanks so much for your patience!

We really do appreciate all the assistance on finding any bugs that may come up. You are our heros!

I seem to be having the issue on 2 YI dome cameras. Although the timeline shows recordings, when I click on the SD card icon, I get the error “No video found in the MicroSD card Back to the live video”. I’ve powered them off and back on and also reformatted the microSD cards (even though YI says “SD card in good condition”. Firmware version which the camera says is “Up to Date”. They were working a few months ago but I don’t know when they broke. The error is on my PC (Windows 10), iPad (IOS14) and Pixel 3XL (Andoid 11). My other 7 dome cameras are fine.

Hey @Ted1722 Thanks for stopping by the forum. Im sorry to hear that you’ve been seeing something similar.

Some of the others in the thread reported changing the 24 hour clock on their phone and reformatting. Please give that a try. Also, Please see our FAQ article on troubleshooting playback issues with SD.

Has there been any change in your wifi router or wifi settings?
Upgraded your phone to a newer model?
Whats the power source to the camera?
How far both from the wifi?

Thanks for your patience and assistance. I hope all are having a great start to the week!