Yi app - power on/off option missing

Hello, Yi app and new Kami outdoor camera all working well but in the settings on the app there’s no power on/off option. Is there another way to turn off the camera - e.g when you’re in the garden and you don’t want it to keep recording?


Hello. If you open the camera love view.

Tap on the settings icon (the Hexagon logo)

You should be able to see under General ‘Turn camera on/off’ toggle the associated switch to off.

Note this will turn the camera off fully so remember to reverse the toggle switch afterwards.

Thank-you - the curious thing is that under ‘Settings’ there are two sub menus ‘Camera Settings’ and ‘Settings’, but none of the three displays the on/off toggle…

All sorts of other options for alert frequency, Night vision, storage etc etc !

What platform are you using and what version of the app ?

it’s an Android phone with version 5.2.3 of the Yi app if that makes sense

@Steven_Kami can you help with this mate? I checked both my apps and I have the turn off feature @Henri cannot find in his settings. I don’t have any outdoor models to check if it different per camera model. Thanks

@Henri That is def strange. Are you using the Yi Home app, Yi IoT or Yi Life App? When you have a moment, can you send me a screen shot of your in app settings menu?

Here is a helpful article about how to use our on/off scheduling feature. Give it a read, it might help.

HI @Steven_Kami, thank-you for helping with this… I’m using the Yi Home app, (on a Huawei phone if that makes a difference?)
I can’t find the scheduling feature either! Could I access the camera from laptop instead to find these features?

That is definitely strange. What region are you selecting when you log in? And, what version of the app are you currently running?

No such option on my phone either. Wire-Free Outdoor camera + Android 9 + Kami Home 3.2.5_20220106094920.

Can you download the Yi Home app, login with your Kami Home credentials and check again?

Thanks for your help to get this resolved. Let me know what you find when you download the Yi Home App.

Hi again,

I have re-set the device a few times but no change, - app version is 3.2.5_2021 in UK


Hey @Henri Can you download the Yi Home App, login with your Kami Home credentials and check camera settings?

Installed Yi Home and it’s the same. Everything is identical to the Kami Home. Except for the name and icon.

Are also in the UK? What camera model are you both using @Henri @user12345?

Finland. Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera with latest (at least according to the app) firmware which is

Mine is same, thank-you

Thanks all. I have shared all this information with our QA team. They will get this resolved. I will update you when I know more.

Thanks for your patience! And, I appreciate all the info provided. Makes it much easier when approaching our QA team.

@Henri @user12345 Our QA team has reproduced and working on a fix. We should have this resolved very quickly. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hello @user12345 @Henri I have just learned, And i do apologize for the confusion, that battery powered cameras do not have the ability to turn on/off. The battery option is limited. Since its been brought to our teams attention, We are looking into how we can make this upgrade.

Thanks for your patience. I hope all are having a lovely week.