YI App lost all data overnight + Kami/ YI app

Dear All, we have used the YO cams and the app on two devices for years. However, by today, the app(s) are empty, all data is gone, and the cams need to be installed new. Does anybody know why this happens?

Second question. So they have two brands, YI and Kami, correct? FOR EXAMPLE, can I include, e.g., the Kami baby cam in my YI app?

Thankfully for all your answers.

Hello Gony!
The issue you describe with the account is quite odd. Are you signing in to your account using your actual email address or are you using sign-in options such as Facebook, Google, or Apple ID?
Regarding YI and Kami, both apps connect to the same server and yes, you can connect a Kami Baby Monitor to the YI Home app.

Hello and thank you for the answer. We use Apple ID. I think I will just set it up again tonight.

You’re welcome @Gony!
If need further help or if you have other questions, you can post it here.

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