YI 1080 Home camera as a webcam

I just got a camera… I think I may have gotten the WRONG one but hoping that all is not lost. I want to use the camera mode # YI 1080 Home camera. as a WEB CAMERA. It’s a camera so I am sure there is SOMEWAY to do this. Can someone please provide the instructions on how to do this? Thank you… I want to use it with things like SKYPE etc…

What you are asking for is something that is not currently supported by Yi or Kami cameras at this time.

I have heard of some using a software called OBS studio they mainly use this for Zoom, M/S Teams, Skype. So it may work for you. I personally have not used it so can not confirm if this will or will not work for you. So I offer this purely as advice only with no guarantee of it working attached.

I have personally not done this so you would need to investigate further how it works and if it meets your needs.

If you download the YI pc app and download and install OBS studio you can set OBS to capture the YI camera app feed, then in obs set its output to webcam. In your chosen application you would have to choose the OBS camera and it should show your YI camera feed. <

Where can I download a copy of the cameras firmware??

Firmware is downloaded/installed OTA through the application. However there is a possibility to install by downloading the firmware via and SD card.

If there is firmware available for this take a look here > https://www2.yitechnology.com/firmware/index

However, what you have asked in your original message would not be received through having the firmware as at this time, and I’d suggest forever to be honest, Yi/Kami cameras are not for webcam usage by design.

Hey @thereverend this is correct. Yi/Kami cameras are not web cameras. Our cameras are used for a number of different reasons. Home security, pet surveillance, or baby monitors. Webcams are set up a little different.

I can’t speak to the configuration described by @YorkshireUser but I will say YorkShire is very knowledgable and anything he suggests is a something worth trying if interested.

Thanks for coming to the community! Hope all are having a great day.

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