Will Doorbell connect faster if hardwired?

My Kami Doorbell camera is sooooooo slow to connect to phone app or desktop app. In fact it often just fails to connect with desktop app. Right now I am using the battery. Which doesn’t have a great life. Will it connect faster, if I make the effort to hardwire it?

Hey @noahtodd Welcome to the Kami Community Forum! We are glad to have you on board!

There are definitely some advantages to hardwiring your doorbell vs battery powered.

The overall speed off the device being one of them. We have some helpful YouTube videos that walk you thru hardwire installation. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/kamihome

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Thanks @Steven_Kami If I am going to run a power supply what is the best solution? Does it need to be 12 / 24 V?


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Thanks @Steven_Kami! That answered a few questions. Good resource.


Hey @noahtodd our doorbell supports 8v, 10v, 12v, or 24v. Hopefully giving many options to make things as easy as possible for the user :slight_smile:

Hi @Steven_Kami, so I wired the Kami doorbell camera to a 24V adapter. It doesn’t seem to power the doorbell independently, so if I insert the battery, I see the battery icon as well as a new icon which looks like a little power plug next to the battery icon in the Kami app interface. I will see if it means I no longer need to charge the battery or not.

Should it work without the battery inserted and just the power supply hooked up?

Next, there is no noticeable difference with the function in the desktop app. Connecting to the camera is still TERRIBLY slow. Thoughts?

Update: I just got a warning that streaming over 5 min battery consumption is too high. Why should this be a concern if I am now hardwired? Something doesn’t seem right.

Ugh that sounds frustrating. I am sorry to hear that this didn’t help. The batteries should be inserted when hardwired as well.

See this YouTube video on doorbell installation. Give it a watch to make sure all is connected correctly, if this issue still persists, we will escalate this internally and get you straightened out.


Your patience has been greatly appreciated. We look forward to your response.

So on the iPhone app it seems to load within a reasonable time. The super slow loading, and even frequent failing to load at all, is in the desktop app. That really should be corrected. It seems the direct 24V adapter wiring charges the battery so the battery doesn’t seem to be an issue at this point. However, it still does issue warnings; over consumption of battery and a warning the battery was low when it was showing all bars. I’m guessing these are software based issues.

Definitely. Or firmware related.

Can you send me a screenshot of the over consumption of battery messages you are receiving?