wifi smart camera win PC how to pan camera, or no such function?

First post, newbie.

Just installed 6 Wifi Smart camera in two differrent city, OMG, all working superb. Tks. Today, realize there is something call Yi Lot Home PC app, installed and worked, see all 6 camera on a desktop, look is fabulous. However, do not see any function to pan the camera. How do I pan the camera, I was able to pan the camera using my cellphone, but that seem to defeat the purpose of PC app. Any suggestions? TIA

Hello bunanson Welcome to the forums!
I am glad to hear you are enjoying the YI IoT mobile app!
About the YI IoT PC App, this software is not yet fully optimized and there will be some features missing such as the controls for dome cameras. Don’t worry the software is still being developed and will have most of the features available in the mobile app to the PC app.


FWIW the PC app P&T works for my Yi IoT cameras.

Activating it by clicking the 2 circles brings up the P&T control in single camera view, in group view it gives a message to use the keyboard instead which works fine for me with the arrow keys. The camera under P&T control is highlighted with an orange border.


@anyone thanks for sharing this information!
@bunanson can you check if you have the same option shown from the screenshot provided by @anyone ?
I believe it would also depend on the firmware of the camera if they support the function/feature on both platforms. Since cameras connected to the YI IoT are 3rd party cameras some models or brands might have it and some don’t.

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Tks for the info, trying to get the PC app P&T. Happen to share a link? TIA,


I googled, and cannot find any P&T pc app. Hope @anyone can share the link or the app.

Interesting,. While lurking around, one can install the camera directly on PC, follow exactly the same procedure as install via cellphone,

  1. on web search for “yilot pc invalid”, and dl and install the PC client. The “yilot PC” search will give a link that the version wont work, the yilot pc invalid search link version will work
  2. create an acct, and log into yilot pc client
  3. click the “+” sing, and follow instructions.
  4. type in wifi and password
  5. put the laptop code face the ipcamera, and it will link, or take the ipcamera face the monitor screen,
  6. enjoy.

Or one can install on your cellphone, and log into the yilot PC will see the camera.
Apparantly, connect directly with the ipcamera vs connect via PC thru the cellphone, directly with the PC seems much faster and less video delay.

Unfortunately, either way, there is no function to pan the camera.
waiting for the P&T PC link.


Hi @bunanson, sorry for my post being confusing. The PC app is the Yi IoT PC app at https://yiiot.net/yi-iot-for-pc/
Note that the 2 circles can also be seen at that link in the details for installing but are not explained well but referred to as the “remote control icon” and the “trumpet icon” is presumably the speaker icon. Could do well to show the icon at the end of the text for clarity.

P&T is just an abbreviation of Pan and Tilt, pan meaning to move the camera left or right and tilt meaning to move up or down. Like PTZ but without the Zoom function.

My Yi IOT cameras can also be viewed with the Kami and Yi PC apps together with Yi cameras but there isn’t any camera movement control available, only in the Yi IoT PC app. Each app can all be logged into with the same Yi account. There’s also a Chinese market PC version but for use in China so probably not of use unless you live there.

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Thank you!!!
Follow your instruction, installed, and see the 2 circles, and OMG, my ipcamera is panning!!! You are the man. I am happy like a bird. Thank you.

My ipcam also have bright night, use as flood light at the entrance. I still have to use the cellphone to turn the lights on. Hope sometime yiiot would install the functions.

So there are yilot and yiiot PC versions. Interesting. Anyhow, I am v happy w the ipcams, and the PC clinent. And most of all, salute to Alvin_kami and the wonderful forum.


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@bunanson I’m so glad to hear you are able to use the camera controls using the YI IoT PC app!
Big kudos to @anyone for sharing knowledge with regards to the app. Much appreciated!