Wi-Fi password not working

The password is not accepted on the camera. The password is correct. Reset has been done a number of times. I have given the camera to another friend to try out and he gets the same error. Updates have been completed. Still not working.

It does sound like you have an issue which requires a Yi representative to comment on so tagging in @Steven_Kami

It could be a fault camera you have got. A typical issue is of the camera is attempting to connect to the 5ghz wifi signal.

Take a look at this suppprt article for further help > https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040772554-Issues-with-pairing-camera-

Hey @arcticphotos thanks for letting us know your wifi password isn’t being accepted. Wifi’s can be frustrating. Thanks for your patience.

Please take a look at both help center articles listed on the forum and please let us send us feedback when you’ve had time to troubleshoot.