Why my icloud does not save anything from the night before I can not play back

because my icloud does not save anything from the night before I can not play back

Apologies but I am confused by your issue. When you say iCloud do you mea the Yi cloud? Are you saying you have paid for the cloud subscription and nothing is recording to it?

Or you are using the free service and nothing is recording?

How long have you had this issue? Did it ever work ok?

Id say with the limited information given remove the cameras (delete) from your app the go through the set up procedure. During which time it will ask you to reset the camera.

Alternatively if this issue just happened it may be a temporary issue so you may wish to wait it out.

Hey @Andres1234 Thanks for checking in on the forum. We would love to help you out. Can you please provide us a little more details about the issue? Do you have an active cloud account?

If so, can you please send us the email address on file for your cloud account?

How far away from the cameras are you from the Router?
Are you using 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

Thank you so much for your patience! We will get this figured out for you.

I have an account and I pay for icloud but from 11:50 pm The cam stopped recording until 6:15 when someone turned on the lights from the other day, don’t record anything and it won’t let me play back and I have two cameras like one year a go it’s the first time that happens

That is strange @Andres1234. Since this is the first time this has occurred, I have a couple if questions to help us troubleshoot and ultimately get to the bottom of this.

How many days ago did this occur?
Is the subscription continuous recording?
Can you be a little more specific in regards to turning on the light and how it relates to the specific problem you’re reporting?
Was there a possible internet outage for the window of time you’re reporting?
What is the power supply to the camera?
How far away from the router is the camera?
Is it connected to 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

Just a few questions :wink: to send us in the right direction. Thanks for being apart of the community!

Have a great day/evening depening on where your are :slightly_smiling_face:

3 days ago idk if was for the weather cause those days was snowing so hard the router is really close so yes it’s really weird or idk if someone cut the camera off and the next day turn it on cause I don’t have anything until the next day

So your camera is now recording?

Ye it was just one night now everything is perfect but was weird that’s why I want to know what happened probably was the iCloud or the app or the weather

It kind of sounds like the weather had an affect on your connection. Especially, now that the camera’s are recording without issue. Let’s monitor this for the next couple days and if it happens again, let us know right away.

And, just for good measure, log into your cloud account on the web with your credentials. Here is the link: https://cloud.yitechnology.com/#/login

Perfect thanks so I can check that night on the web ?

There’s no guarantee. Check there as well.

It sounds like there an outage of some kind that has sense resolved.

The web interface for your cloud account is a really helpful tool to have for your cloud account.