Which Cameras work with YI IoT app?

There are many cameras listed under Kami and Yi, and even other brands in the official website, Amazon and AliExpress. I’m looking to buy 4 other YI mini 360 cameras, and I want another indoor camera with better infrared vision. How can I know if a camera will work with the YI IoT app before buying it? Is there a serial number that I can validate before my purchase?


I’m not sure I fully understand your question but I’ll answer as I think I understand it

All Yi or Kami branded cameras make use of the Yi Home or Kami Home app. You can use either brand with either app. Depending on the region you may need to use Yi Life app - this is the Yi/Kami app in some regions.

The Yi IOT app is an app which is used by various third party manufacturers who make use of the Yi IOT. It is manufacturer defendant so there is no way to identify which manufacturer makes use of it. Indeed, some camera manufacturers may let you use multiple applications. I guess before you purchase the camera it should state which app is required.

I hope I’ve understood your question.

It was an awesome answer, thanks a lot. So I guess I’ll just focus if they work with YI IoT. Thanks again!

Yes. I have noticed on amazon the product listing often mentions the app required. Or sometimes in the questions they give the app name. I guess there are so many choices now.

With Yi cameras I have three other camera brands and have four apps! So I understand why some prefer one app.

Welcome to the community @UPIDE! Thanks for checking in to find out a little more information about our Yi IoT app.

Any of our indoor Kami or Yi cameras will work with the Yi IoT app. If you run into any troubles, we have a 30-day return policy as well.

Hope all is well and you’re having a lovely day!

I bought the evkvo bulb camera from Ali express. It uses the YI Lot app. I want to add a doorbell camera that uses the same YI Lot app. I couldn’t find one. I loaded the YI Home app and tried to connect my bulb cameras to it. I got a message saying this camera uses a Chinese version of the software and is not compatible. Is there a way for me to update the firmware so I can use the YI Home app and buy a Kami doorbell camera or another YI doorbell camera and use all the cameras on the YI Home app?