Where’s my order?

Where is my order?ORDER #1003
It’s been 2 weeks. Promise to send max. 7 days arrive. I buy from yi store from the adds in yi home apps.
I’vE sent email about this 4 times and until now no reply.

Hello Ang22! Let me send you a personal message to gather more details about your order.

Does it need the same wifi connection as your viewing device/phone possibly? If so, this product is null because most people don’t use the same connection on the go as do they in-home.
Must one be using the same connection on your viewing device as one is using on their camera?

hey Jai! That’s a good point. In pairing the camera both camera and mobile needs to be connected to the same network. Once paired, the camera will remain connected to the said network. But your mobile phone can be connected to different WIFI or mobile data to access the cameras.

Have you sent your personal message to me? I haven’t receive any message since yesterday…