What type of AI models would you like to see for Indoor Cameras?

I pose this question to the forum…

What type of AI models do you think would be most useful for an indoor camera?

Some of our AI priorities:
Body Detection
Face Recognition
Vehicle Detection
Animal Detection
Package Detection

As you can see, a lot of these models are best applied for outdoor cameras. So, what would you like to see in terms of AI for indoor cameras?

Time stamp is what needed first

That is on the way! Already planned for an upcoming release :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on indoor AI models?

Thank you for letting me know it’s appreciated

For security purposes, Body Detection is a must.

To override unwanted alerts, then we could go in this order:

  • Face Recognition, to detect familiar faces
  • Animal Detection, to detect our loved pets
  • Package Detection, to detect packages for those who are delivered inside the house like Amazon

Face and body for sure. Off topic but a scheduler for home and away mode.

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Interesting… @caznaran Do you use amazon tools for indoor drop offs or drop offs in your home a lot?

By the end of this month, we a releasing our BVA models, Body, Vehicle, Animal which is going to be a pick improvement to existing alerts. Package detection will follow shortly after. But very interesting to here that you’d like to see package detection for an indoor camera model.

I don’t. I see Amazon has the option to deliver your packages inside your house using a combination of Ring doorbells, smart locks and cameras but I’m not so confident enough hehehe.

Hey I get you. Im right there with you LOL I definitely am not confident but I know some people are. I had never really thought of that use case for package detection. I really appreciate the time to respond and share your feedback. I will share that with our team. More and more people are choosing this option though that’s for sure.

Any other thoughts from the forum? We truly appreciate your help to grow and provide a better service to all.

For outdoor cameras to show the temperature

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Interesting… Let me see what we can do :slight_smile:

+1 for Face Recognition

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Still waiting for the update for the time stamp for recordings can you just let me know if or when one will be available thank you

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