What model do I have? Bought as PODOFO (us plug) 5g

Bought from Temu as PODOFO (US Plug) 2.4G/5G Dual band WiFi IP Camera Outdoor Surveillance Cameras HD 1080P IR Full Color Night Vision Security Protection Motion CCTV Camera Without TF/SD Card.
Don’t know the brand I got. It does connect with yilot app.
On the box…PTZ WIFI CAMERA model:HV8Y-5G…
SKU:W7878WW …ZS NO.202211010082866000
A extra label stuck to box. says model Q3171US manufacturer: Shenzhen ShunXinDa trading co.

It appears here that you are using a camera manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. For these cameras, we do have very limited information and we don’t have their manual. In this case, we respectfully request that you contact the seller of your camera for device-specific inquiries.

The YI IoT App is indeed produced by our company to manage Non-Kami/Yi branded cameras however if the camera has hardware issues, we highly recommend that you contact the seller so they can help you with warranty claims or redirect you to the correct support channel.