What functionality will SD card users have?

Can anyone at Yi please help me understand what users who dont subscribe to the cloud services will and wont be able to do? It would be good to get a list…for example can I have alerts based on motion detection? or are we only able to record 24/7 continuous?

I think all motion detection is now going to be moving to PREMIUM ONLY as they are stored on their servers as 6 second slips. It has already stopped working on one of my cameras which has continuous SD card recording enabled.

I think you still get around 24 hours of clips from YI cloud and your SD card can record continuously or just with activity. If you select activity only you won’t have continuous recording if you want to see something beyond the recording for the activity. If you select activity mode you will have to look at the time line of the SD card to find activity, you won’t have activity shots like you do with the cloud. I have 13 cameras and 10 of them are subscribed and coming up for renewal. We shall see what kind of deal I can get, if not good, may drop to 5 cameras.