What Do You Want From a Cloud Subscription Service?

Hey all!

The YI Technology Product Team wants to hear from you about the cloud subscription service.

— What do you think of our current offerings?
— Are there any features that you would like to see improved?
— Is there anything you’ve been wishing that the YI Cloud service had?

If there is, now is your chance to let us know!

Perhaps you’d like a professional monitoring service, who can dispatch emergency services to your home? Or maybe new AI features like face detection, pet detection, or fall detection? Or maybe searchable event types (person, face, pet, car)?

It could be anything cloud-related, from big to small, we’d love to hear it all.

Please keep your feedback to cloud-based services. We can do another thread for things like integrations and new hardware features.

Thank you!

Please start with the simple account management basics :slight_smile:

Ability to change/update the email address associated with YI cloud profile and cameras

WITHOUT having to cancel current subscription, unbind current cameras, create new YI cloud account, pay new (More expensive) subscription and then rebind all cameras to new YI account.

I really can’t believe that this is what support advised is required by Email this week.

Can you assist?


(It’s somewhat ironic that this support forum allows you update your email address without requiring the above!)

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Hi @Dtii thank you for joining the forum, and for your feedback! I’m guessing you were trying to connect your cameras to a Google Assistant or an Echo show but had originally created an account through Facebook? If that is the case, unfortunately, you do have to create another account with an email address, reset and re-pair your cameras. This is a known user experience issue, but because you have brought it up here means that it will be discussed again by the team.

Hi Kami_Mark,
Thanks for replying.
Simpler than that!
YI Cloud account and subscription setup and registered (let’s call it account 1) with standard email address 1 - not Google, Facebook, etc.
Now want to replace email address 1 on account1 with email address 2 on account 1 as email address 1 now invalid. That’s all.
Would like to do so without having to unregister all existing devices from account 1 create new account2 with email address 2 and then reregister all devices to this new account 2.
This is what email support have said is necessary.
If that really is so, then it’s a clear basic (urgent!) functionality request to make a straightforward change of email possible. (It’s far from convenient to have to dump a sub, delete all devices, do a new sub and reassociate all cameras)

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Hey @Dtii, you’re very welcome. Thanks for clarifying. You are correct, it is very inconvenient to have to do that. I will bring this up with the team.

More than 5 cameras for the yearly price.