Kami Home Wish List

Our first indoor camera with Facial recognition is coming in Kami product, it will be an upgrade to the Kami Indoor Camera

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On a more minor side a nice touch would be to include two stickers with the YI or Kami logo and some wording such as “ smile you are on camera” to be in the box with every camera!!! I for one would find these handy as I want people coming to my house/business to know they are being recorded.

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That’s a great idea! :smile: I love that! I will share that idea with our product team! Thanks @MilkinMore!

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I am excited to hear about the door bell. Do you have an estimated date of release?

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Not yet! But we’re hoping to get it out this year! We’ll post an update once we have an expected release date! :smiley:

Doorbell camera would be great. It would allow me to replace the front door camera I have that I’m not very fond of.

Mesh technology for camera signal would be good too.

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Also what about 3M Velcro tabs inside each box so users can place their cameras almost anywhere without drilling holes etc. all my indoor Nest cameras were put up this way. I found it so versatile.

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I will share this idea with our product team! :v:

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Hi Team,

Would be really nice if you guys start supporting Location based features on both apps like when I am away turn on motion and notifications automatically and when comes back, turn those off. Same feature you have now but definitely automated based on location.

This definitely will be really appreciated for all of us.

Also, add Face recognition on upcoming cameras, 5ghz band support. Samsung Smartthings support.

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Hi Alejandro! Thank you for letting us know what you’re looking for in a home security camera. That’s super helpful.

We do have face recognition in our next Kami camera which is exciting.

It would be great if you could also drop some thoughts into the thread below.

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For the Outdoor

    • Camera wires on the back of the camera rather than the bottom, with perhaps a hole in the base. it would allow for less wire to show.
    • Also, if the cable was detachable (after taking off a screw plate) it would let you upgrade the cameras/replace if needed without having to rewire.

For the indoor

    • A window mount for the indoor camera - like the Circle 2 mount, would be great.
    • A magnetic base option for the indoor cameras like seen on aqara/neos/wyze cams

Thank you for the excellent suggestions @Adam!

Hi, suggest not just a Dorbell,but a Digital Peephole Door (Wifi and with baterias), here in Sao Paulo a lot of portion of people live at a build apartament not in house.


Juarez PRado

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I would like to be able to obtain a Loud Siren to integrate with the Kami Home Base, the base does alert, but it is not loud enough, please.

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Thanks for the feedback @ps42fount. We have some great products coming out this year so stay tuned!

Dome cameras for the outdoors.
Solar panel to recharge wireless cameras.

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Hey, what about enabling Autocruise in Away mode? If an event occurs or an intruder is detected, it can switch to motion track for better video record. Obviously, it will depend on cameras’ capabilities.

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Hey @rosiebagonia Great suggestions. Solar panel is definitely something we are looking into. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Any one else interested in seeing an outdoor dome camera as one of our product offerings??

@caznaran that’s a really good idea. We are constantly working to improve our user experience and that would be a great way to imrpove. Thanks for the feedback. I will share with our team :slight_smile:

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