Want to use Windows software to monitor my new YI Outdoor PTZ 1080p camera

Want to use Windows software to monitor my new YI Outdoor PTZ 1080p camera, but the ones I’ve tried so far do not recognize / find the camera on my LAN.

Almost zero documentation came with this camera…

Hello. The software available for use needs to be accessed at

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Ok, I installed the Windows software…but there are problems:

  1. I want to use ethernet to initiate the connection…the Android software has this option, and I was able to connect with a friends smart phone…but I don’t have a smart phone and need to use my Windows laptop, and the Windows software does not seem (?) to have this option… ???

  2. the software is asking for a 5G wifi…I don’t have this, just the standard 2.4ghz… and I have no intention to get a 5G router…

Please advise…how do I get the Windows software to work?

Thank you

If I manually put in my Wifi SSID it goes to the next step, which is to scan the QR code…but I don’t have a smart phone and am trying to make the connection with my laptop…it seems that this option is not available in the windows software???

Hi. My understanding is that you have to use a mobile device to set up a camera from fresh (a new install). @Steven_Kami will hopefully put me right if I’m wrong

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Ok, well, after the install with a smart phone, after than can it be accessed with the PC software?

And, also…perhaps I need a new thread…but I don’t want any 5G in my home…is there a way to turn off this frequency in the camera?

Yes it can. The functionality is not quite the same as per the mobile app.

And can this original install be with an android tablet, because I don’t have a smart phone…

Hello. Providing the tablet can install the Yi Home or Kami Home app then sure you can access the devices via it

Are YI Home and Kami Home the same software, or with different capabilities?

This camera is advertized that it can determine if a moving object is a person and follow it (move the camera) … automatically?

So many features…are they all available in the software of either?

(where do I download Kami Home?)


you were correct. You must set up on mobile first.

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The Yi Home App and the Kami Home App are exactly the same. one doesn’t have more functions than the other. They are uniform

you can also use a tablet to start your account @YorkshireUser Mobile in essence but PC and Mac’s no. Must be mobile phone or tablet