Waiting to Connect

I have been trying to connect the camera for about 6 hours and I have tried everything I have read. Also, I have done this as suggested by some other person. No luck.

  • Reset the camera to factory defaults using a paper clip press the reset button
  • Delete the camera from the YI Home application
  • Uninstall/Reinstall the YI home app
  • Proceed with the pairing process
    What next should be done???

What camera are you using? What region are you in? Did the camera ever work?

If it worked previously anything in your environment changed?

I just started the Family Pack 2 in 1 and that is all it says is “Waiting to connect”
When I first signed up the site did not like my @hotmail.com email address. It
kept saying email does not exist but I have had this email address since 1996.