Viewing trouble

All of a sudden I see this screen

How can I get rid of everything except the camera view?

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Hi. Yi is working on fixing this.

To answer Pantara question, tap the view and you can select full screen.

However, its an utter disgrace how YI can release and force such a cr@p update!..
Clearly no user experience gathered or feedback listened too, let alone testing - I’d like to see the feedback where customers wanted a perfectly useable App changing to a pile of cr@p.

Apart from aesthetics of timeline and mic taking up screen space, the barking-mad flicking between cloud and SD, the colours on the timelines - the fundamentals of viewing a recording on an SD card and then being able to record elements of it as a saved item to pass to Blue light services is just defeating the whole object of CCTV!!

You appear to be able to press record from Live view; so why the hell can’t you do it from a recording?!!..

You can’t select a date further back than a few days anymore on SD card, but you can on PC App - but PC App doesn’t allow you to record the SD capture!! It is an absolute ‘balls-up’

Thought they’d finally got it to a workable solution an then this software FARCE happens. @KamiHome


Tap on the camera view and a fullscreen icon will appear in the lower right corner of your camera view. Tap on the fullscreen icon and you’re there!

Thank you. I wish there would have been some prior notice and guidance instead of getting initial relief from a forum member.

The latest update has made this worse.
Select full screen and the image will rotate 90 degrees so i is sideways. Rotate your device 90 degrees and the image will again rotate 90 degrees and remain sideways.

It is reprehensible that this company puts out updates that are flawed to the point of being unusable.

I have the same problem sending me around the bend quite literally 90 degrees tried all sorts

my camera all blue somebody can help?

Hello. Take a look at this


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Yeah, I get that you can click on the full screen icon to get a better view, but I absolutely hate having to do that.
Want a much bigger camera view rather than all the other stuff on the main view. I bought a camera to see what the camera sees, not all that other stuff that requires an extra step to get rid of it.
Should have the camera view maximized and the other stuff smaller on the main screen.

So many problems only let me do 3 replies no help off support how can you get things sorted easiest thing to do is just put it back the way it was
Screen 90 degrees out
Video not showing on some cameras
Time not showing when they do record
Very hard to get any sense from support just saying everything is ok
Takes to long to get sorted

I have just checked with our team and time not showing on videos saved to your device has always been the flow. This is not a new change. This is how it has always been.

We are aware of the 90 degree turn issue with tablet and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you have a customer ticket with our support team you would like me to look into, please send me the ticket number. Our support team has been working over drive to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Still have 90 degrees problem on screen with the new update on iPad running iOS 15 video recording is ok now please advise

Working on iPad functionality now. The 90 degree issue will be directly addressed in the upcoming release. We appreciate your feedback and support :1st_place_medal:

Still having problems with the orientation on my iPad running iOS 15.02 90 degrees out on full screen plus one of my cameras won’t show yesterday recording but ok for the day before it would be nice to have a time stamp on recording saved thank you

Have you updated to the newest iOS release? There has been a new release that has fixed the rotation issues with iPad