User Manuals for YI loT Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera with 360 Degree Movement

Does anyone know if a User Manual exists for the Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera with 360° Movement by YI loT? The vendor who sold me mine is Year to Appear. I’ve been able to get it turned on and paired with my wifi network with the YI loT app, but its operational functionality isn’t exactly intuitive… at least for me.

It came with a very small and basic set of set-up instructions that don’t cover how to best control the camera, and how to record videos of a suspicious activity or store them.

I was hoping there is a user manual or youtube video that might help learn how to use it.


Hello @drdan! Welcome to the community!
I understand you are looking for a user manual for your YI IoT camera. Unfortunately, since YI IoT cameras are manufactured by third-party companies, we don’t have user manuals for all the YI IoT camera models. But you can check this website which may answer all your questions about the basic functionalities of a YI IoT camera:
Hope this helps!

Thanks very much, Alvin!

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