Unwanted alerts to iphone

I can’t find an entry to let me shut off the annoying alerts about my running the PC program to view my cameras. They stay in my Iphone notifications for months.

Anyone know how to do this ?

That is strange. There is no reason on our end, why they would stay in your iPhone notifications for months that I can think, let me check with our team. Can you send me a screenshot of the alerts notifications?

It’s the same function as described here -> https://yicamera.wordpress.com/2018/05/31/login-notifications/

I note that the question from ‘Robin’ was never answered, i.e, “How do you turn this notification off?”

I also note that this alert system doesn’t comply with my phones ability to press on and then send messages elsewhere.

Hey @Calhoun This site you are referencing is not a site we manage. Can you share with me

What app are you using? Yi or Kami Home?
What is the app version?
Have you checked your phones notifications settings?
What version of iOS do you have?

This is not widespread and I have never seen this particular issue. So any screenshots that you can send would be super helpful as well.

Many thanks

I am using the Yi Home PC app since they are Yi Home cameras
I am using the Yi Home PC app release
My Iphone notifications don’t appear to differentiate between the camera and PC app
I have the last IOS version (14.8)

edit: So, I’ll ask you, “How do you turn this notification off?”

Correction - the properties for YIHomePCClientIntl.exe shows 20201021000intl while the Yi Home Camera in-app itself shows the one I reported above.

final edit - so many places to look

So I looked on my Iphone under Yi Home, Account, Notifications, Log-in history; shows 1 entry until I press on that and then it lists 4 entries from Sept 9 until today.

What’s needed is a way to shut these notices off on MY PC - I obviously know I am accessing the cameras - should someone else somehow hack into my cameras from another PC then I’d want them.

Kind of interesting. I just had a random log in for my account that was NOT from me or any one of my loved ones. I quickly changed the password and any account using that password I changed as well. I very glad to see that login notification. It may be frustrating but we feel having it vs not having it, is more important.

Not a very helpful response - each computer accessing anything has a unique ID (unless some VERY high skilled hacker wants to look at your garage or living room, which I doubt). Adding the option to NOT send alerts isn’t rocket science and would make life better for users (me at least). I get enough spam already on my phone.

Thanks for the feedback. I will do my best to have our team improve this.