Unable to view any alert

I’m unable to view the video of any Activity Alert in the Android app. It insists on sending me a live feed instead, without any reason, message, or explanation.

The Window app was doing the same thing, up till today. It was showing the message “Unable to download video”, but for some unknown reason now works correctly (nonetheless still a clumsy app to use).

Surely a server processing problem. I have a 7 day subscription covering 4 cameras. Please help before I chuck these things.

Hey @not_james_brown I am sorry to hear you’re having alert troubles. Can you go into your phone settings and check the notification settings specifically for the app?

What version of the app do you have?
How far away from the router is your camera?
If/when it happens, can you share a screenshot of the alert notification screen and the unable to download video error?

Thanks for your patience. we will get this figured out. Also, as a cloud subscriber, you can utilize our premium phone support, our team would be more than happy to assist you to get this fixed ASAP