two questions about my 4 cam setup

Hi all - and thanks

Question one - the video is pretty choppy when I see individualizing cams. What’s the reason? Wifi speed? How do I fix?

Question two (more important lol) I am using this also on my Google assistant, but often the screen shows: ‘playing home smart camera’ a lot and the picture is darkened (and it shows a timeline and a small red dot next to ‘live’.

How to fix?

Hi @Latin welcome to the forum.

What camera model are you having trouble with? Is the stream still choppy if you move the camera next to your router?

Do you mind posting a picture of the Google Assistant issue?

here is the google assistant issue: it toggles between these 2 screens:



also, one camera is within 2 feet of the router… and the cameras (4) are YI 1080p Smart Home Camera

Hi Latin, that is a nice looking dance studio!

Generally if you’re getting a choppy live stream through YI Home app, it is caused by a weak connection to the router or slow internet speeds. Does the camera that’s 2 feet away have any issues with choppiness?

I would say that the ‘Playing Smart Home Camera’ screen that pops up is also caused by similar issues (week connection to the router or slow internet speeds).

You could try lowering the resolution of the camera from HD to SD (if you have the cameras set to HD) and see if that helps.

You could also run an internet speed test to help gain a better idea of your locations internet capabilities.


If your internet speed is good but you think your router is letting you down, you could look into a WiFi extender or something like the Google Nest WiFi. However, we have not tested any of these devices with our cameras, and cannot provide any support, assistance, or guidance if you choose to use one of these products.

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