Two houses, two wifi nets, same app?

Hi everyone, first time here!
I need to install some cameras in my sea house, I already have 4 in my regular house so I see them on the YI Home app (iOS).
What happens when I install more cameras in a new house with a different wifi network?
Can I manage all of them in the same app?
Sorry if it’s been asked before, I checked but couldn’t find anything ^^

I live in Italy, if that matters…!

Hello @Elvereth!
Good day to you and welcome to the forums!
You can manage up to 50 cameras in the YI/Kami Home app under the same account.
Hope this helps!

Thank you Alvin!
So I’ll be able to manage different cameras even if they’re installed in different houses?
That’s awesome! I just bought 2 more cameras, that makes them 6 already :smiley:

Yes, as long as they are paired using your account. You can manage all the cameras.