Trying to link to google home

I am trying to link my YI Home to my Google home but I do not see a Sign In with Apple ID button. My account was created with my Apple ID. How can I Link it?! image|231x500

Hey there @Nickicipi, sorry for the delay getting back to you. You’ll need to create a YI account using an email. Unfortunately you can’t link Google Assistant with an Apple or Facebook account login method.

I have the same problem with Facebook. but I have a subscription for 1 year so If I will sign up with a new account I will lose it. any solutions?

I’m trying to link my Alexa to my camera but it’s asking for my yi lot password an email. I don’t remember my password. So when I go to change
E password it’s asking for current password, I don’t know it so how can I change this. Been trying to get answers for the last past week with no avail.

Do we loose our subscriptions if we want to change our account from a facebook login to a email login? Can they be transferred? Or can we be refunded and then repurchase the subscription?