Third party software for Yi iot and windows

Has anyone discovered or even created software that will work with Yi iot cameras? I initialized my Yi Iot bulb camera about 2 weeks and I am completely frustrated and annoyed by the problems associated with the Yi app for android AND the software for PC and windows. It really is junk. Each day that I try to use it the camera just gets worse and worse. Won’t stay connected for more than a few minutes if at all. Wait, let’s back up. What about the amount of time it takes to log into the camera? I could be robbed and murdered long before I can get a live view. This is not how “security cameras” are supposed to work. So…my original questoin: has anyone discovered or written software that will operate the Yi Iot bulb cam? There has to be a better way. Thanks, steve g

Apologies for any difficulties you experienced. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at .
Thank you.

I’d be interested in 3p app as well. It has stopped functioning on my camera as well and support hasn’t offered a solution other than buying their cloud subscription.

Hi Steve, agree with everything you said. Constant regression bugs in the app. One month, it must have uploaded continuously to their cloud (I suspect) and caused me to far exceed my data cap. I’m a data engineer and know quite well what my nominal usage is.

Anyway, I believe there are some third party firmwares available for the Yi cameras that can be then used in conjunction with third party open source apps; just search for “yi camera third party firmware” and you should get some hits. Good luck!

Steve here,
Thank you PJ for your response. I thought i had done a pretty thorough search for ANY firmware or software that could bring life back to this camera. But I will try again. The camera seems to be a good product but the firmware and support are not what they should be. Let me know if you run into anything that will help.
thanks again

Here’s a couple:

Google “yi camera open source firmware” and you should see several options.

Just to add: if you do use an open source firmware, you’ll have to consider how you will access it, the backend platform you’ll use to support recordings, etc., and any apps to access as the standard Yi app and services will no longer work.

thank you so much. I’ll give these a try

Would this work with an iegeek camera which runs off the yi lot app?

What’s your address, Steve??
Nah, just kidding. I have managed to get mine to work pretty well, however it took forever and 15 minutes to figure out how to work the software. it’s just not a very consumer friendly Software System. When one works with Windows one expects everything on that platform to be easy to use and this android app (or if you’re working on a laptop) this program or whatever it want to call it – it’s just not an easy one to use. The menus are not very intuitive to navigate Etc., and I too would be interested in a 3p app., there’s 3p people writing software for everything. Another thing I’ve had a hard time finding a third party app for is my ring doorbell cam. you think it would be so easy to write software that can operate a camera. If anybody figures something out I’m here waiting too. I’m next in line! Jim and Florence Arizona.